If you need to hire kit for any expeditions, please do the following:

  • Give us at least a week’s notice (we have limited kit so secure it sooner rather than later)
  • Complete the form below with details of what you want to hire
  • Pay in advance using the PayPal button further down the page
  • Collect your kit on the kit night prior to your expedition. It should be ready for you to pick up

Step 1 – Select Kit to Hire

Using our Google form (which will open in a new tab when clicking on the button below), please choose what kit you want to hire and for which training day or expedition dates.

Step 2 – Pay for Kit

Each expedition or training day costs £5 at a minimum for 1 or 2 items. For 3 or more items it will cost £10 for each expedition or training. If you are paying and ordering for more than one expedition or training day do not forget to add that amount too. If you need different items for training days and expeditions, feel free to enter multiple “Select Kit to Hire” forms above but you can then sum up the costs and only only pay once for them all.

No. of ItemsNo. of Expeditions / Training DaysCost (£)

Pay for Kit Hire

Each incremental number will increase the payment by £5. So for example, if you owe £5 enter the number 1. If you owe £10 enter the number 2 etc…