Our typical season timeline runs as follows. This is intended to help you understand a bit more about the expectations prior to signing up. If you are currently already signed up, then go to the Dates page for more information on the current season dates.

Prior to starting, you are welcome to register your interest at any time by sending us your details on the Register for 2023 link.

  • October – Season Launch Event

    In October, we will reach out to let you know about our Launch Event, where we get everyone together at Kersal Rugby Club (although it has been online for the last couple of years) and tell everyone what the DofE involves, what the qualifying criteria is and what the costs are for the following year’s DofE schedule. At this event, we expect to receive signed forms for all

  • November to December – Confirm Participants

    We then confirm via email thoes that have made it into the Award for the following year for all levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

  • January to March – Confirm Sections & Make Payment

    Once confirmed, participants will receive a DofE pack.

    During this period, we ask for everyone to register all of their activities (physical, volunteering and skills) onto their eDofE account which will have been provided to them and we also ask that full payment is made for the year

  • April to July – Expeditions

    This is the expedition season where training, planning and the actual expeditions will take place. For Bronze, Silver and Gold, a practice and a qualifier expedition will be required.

    For Bronze and Silver, expeditions usually run from April to early July before the schools break up.

    For Gold, the practice is usually in July and the Qualifier in September.

  • September – Presentation Evening

    The Gold qualifier is usually in September.

    For Silver and gold, there is a presentation evening between at the end of September or early October.

  • April – Award Ceremony

    In April the following year, there is usually a presentation evening where awards are presented to all of the participants from the previous year.