This section of the website gives you all the information you need for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. If you have any questions then please reach out to the relevant member of the team.

The following section has some basic instruction videos below, but you can also go to any of the following pages:

  • Dates – All the dates for the current year for all of the different awards
    • Bronze Dates – More specific and detailed dates for Bronze
    • Silver Dates – More specific and detailed dates for Silver
    • Gold Dates – More specific and detailed dates for Gold
  • Expeditions – Details such as what equipment you need, how to pack a bag, first aid and navigation training material, how to put up a tent etc…
  • Sections – Details of what you can do for your physical, volunteering and skills
  • eDofE – Information as to how to get started with eDofE
  • Hire Kit – How to hire kit from the centre for your expedition
  • Volunteering – If you are interested in working as a volunteer at the centre
  • Policies & Annual Reports – Details of policies and annual reports for the charity
  • Timeline – Details of the registration process and the overall timeline for the year
  • Register for 2023 – If you are interested in registering for next year’s season

DofE Basics

Official DofE video for new participants to learn about the DofE process.