If you are interested at all in volunteering at our centre, then please get in touch via our contact us form. This centre is entirely run by volunteers and without them we will not be able to continue to provide the Duke of Edinburgh experience for local children.


The centre has a number of volunteers supporting the award that are not specific to expeditions. Please get in touch even if you do not consider yourself an outdoor type as we have lots of roles such as providing advice on volunteering, supporting the participants in their setup of their details and filling in of the various sections, assisting with our stores and ensuring that there is enough equipment to hire out and also distribute it amongst the groups.


For Bronze, we are always on the lookout for volunteers to support on expeditions. Anyone with an interest in the outdoors and experience of walking and navigating can help support this level either in training the participants or on the actual expeditions walking with groups and leading them through their expedition practice and qualifier.


For Silver, assisting with the expedition does require some training if you want to lead a group. However as a centre we are happy to pay for training. All you need to put in is the time. Becoming a Lowland Leader requires training and an assessment but is rewarding and gives you some additional life skills.


For Gold, Mountain Leader qualification is required so if you are already at that level and want to get involved supporting expeditions in more challenging terrain then please get in touch. Again, the centre is also happy to pay for any training although be aware that you will need to have a lot of experience of walking with evidence to support it to reach this level.

There is more information on training opportunities on the DofE North of England website.