Expedition Postponement

29th September 2020

We have taken the decision to postpone the practice expeditions planned for October. This has been a difficult decision because on the one hand we are supportive of the re-opening of schools to ensure young people can continue their education, but at the same time we are concerned by the rise in coronavirus cases particularly in our region. We have received reports of positive infections from at least four of the schools which our members attend. 

As a direct consequence we’ve already had a number of members withdraw from the planned expeditions because they need to self isolate. When we started planning to re-start expeditions the number of cases was in decline.

It is clear that we are now facing another wave and we feel that the most responsible thing to do is to postpone our expeditions until the spring. This will give us more time to plan and means we are not up against the shortening daylight hours. I hope you understand the context in which we have made this decision.

In the meantime our eDofE team will continue to support members completing the other sections of the Award.

Andy & the Timperley DofE Team
Andy Allan

Centre Manager

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