Expedition Update

Bronze Practice : 5-6th June & 26-27th June

There will be no camping on the practice expedition, members will return home in the evening. Members of our 2020 cohort who have asked to complete both the Bronze and Silver expeditions must be available for training on 5-6th June. All other members will be split between the two weekends depending on leader availability. If you are unable to make one of these weekends you must let Andy Allan know as soon as possible 

Bronze Qualifier: 11-12th September

We will advise whether it is possible to camp nearer the time.

Silver Practice : 12-13th June

There will be no camping on the practice expedition, members will return home in the evening.

Silver Qualifier : 9-11th July

The qualifier will include overnight camping.

Expedition Groups 

Expedition groups will need to be re-organised to take account of member preferences and ‘bubbles’ to limit unnecessary mixing of schools and groups. 

Assessors Reports

One of the most common reasons that our eDofE team have to query Assessors Reports is because they do not contain all of the information required for our internal (and external) review processes. The checklist below shows the elements that must be included in an Assessors Report as a minimum. You may find it useful to advise your Assessor of these requirements so that they can ensure they are included in their report:

Fiona Buckley

Thankyou to everyone for your kind words about Fiona. In our last Information Sheet we omitted to note that Fiona has three daughters, Hannah, Rachel and Lucy. Our leadership team is discussing ways we can pay tribute and remember Fiona, further details will follow.

eDofE Groups & Mentors

The eDofE team can be contacted on the following email addresses:

  • Ambleside – Emma Deighton Brown – emma.db@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Keswick – Sarah Newton – sarah.newton@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Windermere – Anouska Ward – anouska.ward@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Coniston – Charlotte Skitterall – charlotte.skitterall@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Langdale – Liz Stagg – liz.stagg@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Grasmere – Michelle Ball – michelle.ball@dofetimperley.org.uk

Please note that the deadline for approval of plans has now been extended to 31st May 2021.

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