Expedition News – July 2021


As we break for the summer we are pleased to confirm that practice expeditions have been completed at all levels, and at Silver the qualifying expeditions took place recently with over 50 of our members successfully completing their qualifying Silver expeditions.

In September we will be running Bronze and Gold qualifying expeditions, with 50 members taking part at Bronze and 40 at Gold.

A big thankyou to everyone who made these expeditions happen, and well done to our members for getting through them in what has been a very challenging time for everyone. We’ve had a number of last minute changes which were necessary due to self isolation measures and it has been good to collaborate with other local centres to accommodate these changes.

Please see the final pages of this update and our social media sites for photographs from the recent expeditions. In addition to those who undertook expeditions this year we also have a further 75 members who are working on their Certificate of Achievement.

Leader News & Appeal

Our Trustees and leadership team met recently to start planning for the 2021/22 season. As reported in our last update I (Andy) have now moved to the north Norfolk coast and due to work and personal commitments cannot continue as Centre Manger. I will remain as Chair of the Trustees but we need to recruit for a new Centre Manager and someone to lead the Gold section.

We’ve reached out to local contacts but if you know of anyone or are interested yourself in becoming a volunteer leader please let me know as soon as possible. We cannot start planning for the 2020/21 season until we have appointed to both of these roles.

eDofE Team

  • Ambleside – Emma Deighton Brown – emma.db@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Keswick – Sarah Newton – sarah.newton@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Windermere – Anouska Ward – anouska.ward@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Coniston – Charlotte Skitterall – charlotte.skitterall@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Langdale – Liz Stagg – liz.stagg@dofetimperley.org.uk
  • Grasmere – Michelle Ball – michelle.ball@dofetimperley.org.uk

Please remember that if you have any queries over the skills, physical, volunteering and residential (Gold only) sections of the Award please contact your eDofE mentor:

We hope everyone has a relaxing summer break and can begin to enjoy a few more freedoms. We will continue to put the health and safety of our members at the forefront of everything we do and look forward to completing then expeditions in the autumn.

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