Training and route planning – April 2022

This weekend we held training days for Bronze and Silver direct participants at the Centre, before starting route planning sessions with Bronze participants last night. It’s been a busy few days for participants to get their heads around lots of things they need to know to go on their expeditions soon, and everyone was really enthusiastic and engaged! We particularly enjoyed going for some beautiful walks around Lymm in the sunshine… see below for some pictures.

It would be great for all participants to revisit the information shared over the last few days ready for their expedition – information on the 20 Conditions, first aid, navigation, kit and equipment – which can be found here.

Training days

Teams breaking the ice by getting tangled in knots… Groups 8 and 9 enjoying the sunshine… We were really spoilt by the weather, by the canal around Lymm.

Bronze route planning

Martin making sure everyone knows how to write a route card… Planning our routes for the practice expedition… How many people can you fit around one map?

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