Silver Practice Expedition

We have completed our Silver Practice Expedition for 2022.

Day 1

On the first morning, the weather seemed bright and everyone got away on time after meeting their leaders and having had the initial briefing. One group managed to come back to the start point within about 30 minutes which proved their navigation skills needed some work, but they soon got off on their way again.

Generally on the first day the weather was good. The groups had a long way to travel and the travelling was through quite remote areas. Many of our leaders walked with the groups on the first day, training them on some of hte basic navigation skills and also helping them when they were lost.

Everyone got to the campsite in daylight and with time to spare. Tents were put up and some training given on how to use the stoves. The evening was cold and damp but everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed some time sitting around in groups.

Day 2

The second morning, as per the previous evening, was a bit wet and this meant that packing up tents was tricky. It was also a bit foggy and the groups needed to work hard to navigate and stay warm through the first hour or so of the morning. The afternoon was much better though and everyone made it to the campsite in good time for a hot meal and a relaxing evening with their friends. It was a long day and most would have walked close to 20km with their equipment so there were a few aching muscles and tired limbs but very few complaints.

Everyone had to go through one particular location where there was a pub so all the leaders enjoyed one drink together waiting for the groups to pass.

Day 3

The third day stayed dry and everyone was up and out reasonably early to make their way to the end point in time for their pickup at 3pm.

Everyone did really well and eveyone appears to be well prepared for their Qualifier expedition in early July. Well done to everyone involved both as particpants and to those volunteer leaders that work hard to support the groups through the 3 days.

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